About Me

Photojournalist Kathryn Whitney Lucey has been documenting professionally since 1984. Her years as a staff photographer for the Newport Daily News and years as a freelance photographer in Newport, Rhode Island have given her  extensive experience as an unobtrusive observer in any situation. Kate specializes in shooting editorial photography as well as special events for corporate clients, wedding photography, candid portraiture and stock photography of children and Newport, Rhode Island scenes. Special Assignments have taken her to France, Zimbabwe and Belize.

In 1990, Kate began an ongoing project in Jeremie, Haiti documenting The Haitian Health Foundation.  In 2000 Kate exhibited her documentary portraiture project Born Newporters at The Newport Art Museum and in 2002 she published the book Born Newporters. To learn more about this book, please contact Kate.

Kate Whitney Lucey Photography